Gossip is good…what?

I know that gossip is wrong.
I know it is not pleasing to The Lord if I participate in or listen in on gossip.
It’s also bad if I start gossip.

So why do my ears perk up when I hear it?
Why don’t I stay away instead?

I know it’s wrong and I actually really don’t like it. Yet, I allow myself to take part in it either by listening or joining in.

Lord, please help me to stop taking part in gossip. It may sound interesting to my ears, but I know in my heart that it is wrong. I want to e better than this. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

This place

I can’t say it enough-God is good! I am so amazed at how he works in my life and has taught me so much.
I worry less
I don’t get angry very easily
I know my God provides for me
I know he has blessed me with certain talents that I can use to give glory back to Him

But still

I worry
I get angry
I wonder when I’ll get a response for a job and get paid
I wonder how good I really am at what I do and if he’s happy with me

Through it all I know that I will never be perfect yet God sees my heart and how I’ve been working toward change and have really grown a lot in almost two months.
My heart is overwhelmed

That God can bring me to this place
This place if humility and faith and help me to keep going

I had a rough start but here I am
I jumped over the hurdles and never looked back

Oh, great God, thank you for your work in my life. Thank you for helping me to acknowledge my short comings and be humble before you. Thank you for helping me grow and become more and more like your son.

An Anxiety Remedy

I’ve read from numerous sources that eating an orange or drinking fresh squeezed orange juice helps with anxiety. Adding honey and a pinch of nutmeg makes it better.
I tried it out a couple months ago with honey and no nutmeg. I wasn’t a fan of how it tasted but it helped slow my heart rate down to normal.
Yesterday I read that oatmeal is also helpful with anxiety.
God always surprises me and I have to share his goodness with others…

So this morning I woke up from a series of strange/bad dreams and was very anxious. I read my bible, asked God to help me and I got up and walked to the kitchen. There I found fresh squeezed orange juice in a pitcher and oatmeal ready to be made. The combination of juice and oatmeal helped me to feel full fast and slowed my heart down enough to where I could carry on with the rest of my day. I got so much done!

Thank you, Lord for showing me that you care for me even in the little things…like orange juice and oatmeal for breakfast when I’m feeling anxious. You are so good to me. Thank you for showing me that you love me. I love you too.


James 5:16

Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.
James 5:16

This verse means so much to me. Through this verse God showed me that I needed to be honest about my sins and confess them to trusted people in my life. Sweeping sins under the rug only creates a bigger mess I’ve learned.
Trust me, I know it’s not easy and will be embarrassing at times depending on the nature of the sin issue, but it is worth it to confess and allow people to pray and keep you accountable. Pray about it. I did. I told the right people and have been very happy to be kept accountable and see change in my life because I didn’t try to stop my sin issues on my own by pretending I didn’t have any and acting “fine” but by being open and honest about my struggle.

Prayer is powerful

Maybe it’s the woman in me, but I find it so much easier to plan ahead than to simply wait. Why wait and see how a meeting with so-and-so will turn out when I can just plan ahead by role playing in my head?
This sort of thing has been my struggle for years. Only now am I truly seeing just how good it is to let God work in situations concerning my friends and family. I can do all I can, but in the end God is the one who changes situations and turns hearts around, so why get all worked up? Rather than worry about how I’ll get through to a friend who is stubborn and unwilling to change, I will pray. Instead of planning details down to the reception of my wedding day, I will consider a few things I like but leave the rest to God.
Thinking a lot and making plans in advance sometimes can make me feel very anxious.
Planning, plotting, scheming. It’s too easy.

There are things in my life right now that I want to grab hold of and change with my own hands, my own mind, my own strength, but I know I need to let go.
Lord, I ask that you would help me to continue to grow more in love with you and trust you with every part of my life, even the things that are out of my control. With all things, I pray that I would give them to you and allow you to work in your perfect timing and your perfect will. Praying is the best thing I can do. Please help me never to forget that. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Basketball Girl

For three years in elementary school I was in a Special Ed P.E. class. A few years before that I broke my arm falling down into cement when my family lived in Saudi Arabia. I’ll get into that story in greater depth in my book which I hope I have finished before the year ends, but during that time I discovered a love for basketball. It was the only sport I could understand and actually enjoyed. That was around the time that Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls were on top of their game in the late 90s.

My dad was a huge fan of both Jordan and the game and I watched many of them with him on tv in our tiny apartment.
History was repeating itself when I got to middle school. I was still lanky and awkward, very unathletic, but enjoying the game of basketball when we went through sport rotations in P.E.
From June- July 2010 I wrote a couple of articles for Gather Inc, a as a sports writer focusing on the Los Angeles Lakers who won the championship that year.
Since then I have only grown to love the sport more. I loved enough to overlook that fact that I was still unathletic and awkward and signed up to play Intramurals basketball my second semester at Masters. It was fun….and then I got hit in the face with the ball. All I remember is a team mate calling my name out when I was by the basket in perfect position for a hook shot…and turning around to meet the ball with my face. My glasses flew off with the ball, hit the floor and broke. The impact left a cut by my eyebrow. I sat in the bathroom for the rest of the game putting ice on the cut after cleaning off the blood.
Since then I’ve left most of the playing to others. I’ll shoot around here and there with some friends, but nothing like I used to do.
With the NBA Finals this year now over and the first time in four years that a team I admire won the title I wonder if I’ll play again. Or write basketball articles some time in the future.
I’m not sure about those things right now.
One thing I am sure of? I love basketball even more now than I ever have.