“Eyeball it” recipe: avocado toast 

In my quest to start on a new diet for my health (story link at end of post) I’ve researched some recipes for healthy food choices. I couldn’t find anything on avocados though. We have so many at my house I thought I might just improvise since my search wasn’t bringing up anything that works with my diet (I wish I could have bacon with it…but I have to be diciplined)

With no official measurements (I eyeballed everything) I give you… 

The avocado toast! 

One avocado 

A half a lemon

Olive oil 

Ground black pepper 

Unsalted sunflower seeds 


Cut avocado in half and remove seed. Place inside of avocado on a small plate 

My nail polish color reminds me of Barbie. I wish I could tell you the name of the color, but the bottle doesn’t say what it is. It’s just a purple shade from Forever 21’s Love & Beauty collection. 


Pour on desired amount of olive oil, black pepper, a small squeeze of lemon, a little more olive oil, and sunflower seeds

Heat in microwave for a minute and a half 

  Meanwhile toast some bread. I recommend oatnut (available at Costco) 


After the avocado is done, it will look like this:  

 feel free to mash the avocado further if desired 

  Place toasted bread on plate 
 Add avocado to toast 



About my new diet   

June Favorites & New Diet

Hi, everyone! Did June go by fast or what? It’s crazy to think I already have a June favorites post for your guys. I’m really excited about this one because almost all these favorites are food related. I have also discovered some things about my health which require me to adopt a new diet. I’ll explain that at the end of this post.

Here are my favorites for the month of June:

Ginataang Mongo


 According to pinoychow.com Ginataang Mongo is a dessert made of toasted mung beans, coconut milk, and evaporated sugar. The one my mom bought also included some Filipino fruits. This childhood favorite was reintroduced to me through a shopping trip at a Filipino market near an uncle’s house. My local Filipino store doesn’t have it so we have to go out a little further…but it’s so worth it! This dessert tastes best when served warm.

Do not Disturb Mode- iPhone 5s

When I started graduate school last month I knew I needed to find a way to keep from getting distracted by my phone. I had only used the Do not Disturb mode a handful of times in the past because of group message notifications. This month I used it every time I needed to give my homework full attention. This feature on my iPhone allows me to focus on the task in front of me first before getting to any text conversations. 

Sprite with light ice

When afternoons started getting warmer there was no better way to cool off than with a glass of Sprite with just a little bit of ice.

2 for 1 Pizza

On Thursdays we normally are out of the week’s supply of food for dinner, so we get pizza and salad from our nearby 2 for 1.

Can I just say….BEST PIZZA EVER! Even when we have leftovers, slices taste just as good re-heated like the day they were ordered. Not too salty, not heavy on the tomato sauce, and certainly not boring. Normally I don’t like pineapple in my pizzas, but 2 for 1 somehow made it taste amazing on their Hawaiian pizza without that overly sour taste.

They also have great salad which pairs well with my next favorite

Feast from the East Sesame Dressing


My sister hates sesame. She doesn’t even like sesame seeds on her burgers. For me, sesame is great on anything! I used to put sesame oil in my instant soups. I’ve made healthier choices since the last time I had instant noodle soup and I’m glad I didn’t have to sacrifice the sesame taste I craved for so long when I started putting this design on my salads.  The tangy taste of this dressing works so well with the watery, crisp flavor of iceberg lettuce salad.

Pastries By Edie- Crème Brulee


Crème Brulee has always been a favorite dessert of mine, but having it was a rare occasion. Few places serve it. Or so I thought. Pastries by Edie has been a family favorite for desserts in my since I was a kid. Only thing is, all those birthday cakes, cookies, and tarts were purchased by my mom. We never went to their with her. When My sister and I made the trip to Edie’s for ourselves we had to try their crème brulee.

 FAN-TASTIC. Delighted in my purchase and happy with the taste I had just encountered, I jokingly told my sister ( who had the marzipan pictured above the crème brulee) that I want crème brulee served at my future wedding instead of a traditional wedding cake. Hey, why not?

    Sprouts Black Tea Orange Pekoe


My family and I don’t normally shop at Sprouts. But on a recent trip their with my mom where she allowed me to get any tea I wanted along with her choices of chamomile and peppermint, I had to go with black tea. Reading further into orange pekoe when I got home I learned that their are different gradings for how black tea leaves are prepared. Orange Pekoe is high quality.

It was actually through this tea that I discovered I may have a medical condition and will need to limit my intake of many foods and beverages…including caffeinated tea.

I have always suspected I might have it, but never looked into it too much because I was dealing with other things (if you have been reading my blog for a while you know what I’m talking about). After journaling my symptoms for a few months I have found I may have PMDD-Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, an extreme form of PMS with symptoms appearing about every two weeks and causing so much pain and emotional struggle they can interfere with a woman’s daily life. Lately I’ve been having very painful cramps in my abdomen and right ovary. Emotionally the smallest things can cause me to have a meltdown. Last month when my old computer stopped working I threw it down on the ground in a rage. 

I act like the Hulk, but without the cool transformation. My poor family has had to put up with my irritability for years now. 

People might find these things funny, but it isn’t. So many women don’t know why for two weeks out of the month they feel out of control or suicidal only to feel completely normal after their periods have started. 

Some doctors recommend anti-depressants. I’ve already been down that road. I do not want to use medication like that to treat my moods. So, I looked into some natural remedies. 

Cutting caffeine out of my diet, eating high calcium, low fat meals free of fried ingredients, drinking lots of water, and getting plenty of rest and exercise are recommended. 
Here’s a recent journal entry that gives an example of the kind of changes I will need to stick to. I hope to see improvement in my physical symptoms and mood. 

Oatmeal for breakfast 
Salad and rotisserie chicken for lunch 
(Maybe if I stay on a diet like this I’ll be less irritable…all that caffeine I had been drinking this month to stay awake for school must be doing real damage if I’m getting irritated and having stomach pains similar to menstrual cramps) 
Greek yogurt with fruit jam for snack 

(I feel like I’m becoming a reluctant vegetarian…oh well. Whatever I have to do to stay healthy) 

Cabbage soup and potato with ground turkey for dinner. Had some peppermint tea after dinner for my cramps which were at their worst just before dinner. Seems to have helped a bit 

Thank you so much for reading! 

I would truly appreciate your prayers at this time as taking on a new diet will have its difficulties. I do hope to get better and report on some new favorites from my diet that I can share with you all in my July favorites! 

I never get political on my blog…but (you know what’s coming, dont you?)

In light of Friday’s Supreme Court ruling which allows those in the LGBT community to marry in all 50 United States…

I do not support gay marriage. There. I said it.

A part of me is relieved to be able to say that. Back in 2008 when California banned gay marriage I was hounded by my friends from high school (I had just recently graduated a few months earlier) for not supporting gay marriage. “Why?” They asked. “Aren’t there a lot of gays in the Philippines (my country of origin)?”  “Don’t you think they have the right to be happy?” “I can’t believe you don’t support it.”

Some things you should know (although you’ve probably heard it said by a ton of Christians already)

1. I DO NOT hate gays, lesbians, transgenders, or bi-sexuals. Not supporting their lifestyle does not mean I hate them. People need to understand that. Not supporting and hate are not the same thing, it’s just disagreeing.

2. I think it is unfair for people who support gay marriage to label those who don’t support it as haters. Everyone has a right to their own opinion. Just because I don’t agree with a majority, does not make me a hater of a group of people. I simply disagree with their lifestyle. If tolerance is going to be preached here, good. Please be tolerant of MY view, even if you don’t agree. I’ll continue to do the same to you. 

3. Yes, I am going to cite the Bible for passages supporting my views.That’s where my worldview comes from. To ask me and other Christians to take the Bible out of our reasoning for this or any other views we hold to is not right.

4. So many people have posted comments back toward Christian commenters (on twitter, youtube, and other social media) with blasphemous statements. Again, if we are going to be preaching tolerance here, please DO NOT use my Lord’s name in these crude ways. You can make your point clear without saying such hurtful things.

In 2008 I felt like I couldn’t express myself because I didn’t want to hear what people had to say about my views. Seven years later, I’m not at all concerned about the things people will say to me because of what I believe. I’ve always been honest about my life on this blog since I started it almost three years ago. I wanted to be honest about how I feel about all of this. 

I may lose some friends over this, but I’m not going to change my mind. I will only pray. The Supreme Court has done what it has done. I can’t change anything. All I can do is pray that people will realize that yes, love did win. But not on Friday June 26, 2015. I believe love won when Jesus Christ died on the cross for everyone’s sins (see Romans 5:8 and 1 John 4:10).

God Bless you guys. Thank you for reading. I know this is a little different from the things I normally post, but I had to share my thoughts.

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“I don’t need a big grand sign

All I need is a reminder of your love and the blood

And the knowledge that as bad as things are now

You’re still here


You’re still here.”

“I don’t understand why guys can’t keep it together when a pretty girl is around

Don’t get what the deal is

Can’t keep it real when she walks in

Struck by her like she’s lightning”

“God, do you remember?

When no one was around

i danced freely before you

Fed myself on you daily

Nutrition for my spiritual thirst”

“Root of all eveil

You could say money is

But it’s an absolute necessity

Just so my parents could feed me”
For more, click here 

May Favorites 

Hello, all! I think this is actually going to be a monthly occurrence this year. Here are my favorite things from last Month! 

If you read my April Favorites you may recall I was watching Gilmore Girls, but felt I needed to watch something else. Well, I found my new show! 

The Middle 

The show is about a working-class family in Indiana who go through life together trying to make the best of what they have despite the economy and their hectic schedules. I really like how different the three kids are. It reminds me of my family. When I first saw episodes of the show I wasn’t sure it would be that successful (my judgements come from flipping past it during the first few seasons trying to find something else to watch while I was in community college) but I hoped it would go at least four seasons because I admire Patricia Heaton  (who plays mom Frankie and also narrates each episode). The show just finished season 6 and will be back for another one! In a way it reminds me of Malcolm in the Middle, but I think this show has more heart. It’s not cheesy or over-the-top, just a funny, tender look at a family who love each other no matter how different they all are. 

Look: big curls, hoop earrings, simple makeup (got my eyebrows done by myself. Makes such a difference- I don’t have to fill it in too dark now)


I started letting my natural curls loose in March, but this month I’ve really gone big with them. Depending on the weather I’ll add leave in conditioner or curling custard to get bigger curls when blow drying my hair for a day out and keep cold air on cloudy days from giving me frizz. 

While I still like a classic redlip from time to time, this month I’ve opted for just enough pencil in my brows, a little blush, mascara and lip balm. I put the look together with silver medium sized hoop earrings. 

: leg exercises(helps with my knee pain. I feel so much stronger) 
April ended with some unexpected knee pain and pain in my right big toe. It became so bad that when I went to The Master’s College graduation to celebrate many of my friends I wore a knee brace on my right knee and had tiger balm all over my knees and toe because I knew I would be doing a lot of walking around the football field and be out really late on my feet. Well, after she graduated one of my girlfriends and I were Facetiming and she, having graduated as a Kinesiology major helped me learn some leg exercises designed to give strength to my calves and hamstrings. She also advised me to try to land on my heels as much as possible instead of my toes in order to allow my toe to heal. 

Those are my favorites for the month! Thank you guys so much for reading! 


April Favorites 

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