February Favorites!

Hi, all! I hope you have had a wonderful February. Can you believe it’s March already? I can’t!
I’ve had a great month. Although in my January Favorites post I said I had doubts I would be posting any favorites for February because I tend to stick to the same products, I actually have found a few things to share.
Here they are:






I am a huge fan of Trader Joe’s. It was the first place I went to after being invited to a Valentine’s Day party with some friends. It was a potluck and we were all supposed to bring something for everyone to share. I thought, “Well, it’s Valentine’s Day, so why not bring chocolate?” That’s when I found this Pound Plus milk chocolate almond bar. Not only was it incredibly tasty, it was a hit at the party! It weighed just a little more than a pound…that’s a lot of chocolate…even for five 20-something year old women! I’ll be sure to find another excuse to buy it, even if it’s just for myself.

Next is Max Tea Tarikk (pictured in the yellow pouch and over ice and stirred in a glass). My aunt brought a giant package of individual pouches-meant to be used one pouch per cup- from Singapore during a layover from her recent trip to the Philippines. I tried it first as a hot drink and enjoyed it. But I wondered how it would taste cold. I find I like it best when cold. ‘Teh Tarik is a milk tea beverage popular in Singapore and Malaysia.
It is a sweet, refreshing drink, a more flavorful alternative to plain iced tea, in my opinion.
A friend of mine who is also obsessed with tea bought me Jasmine Green Tea from Trader Joe’s. And yes, she too is obsessed with Trader Joe’s. In fact, she is the person I go there with all the time. I hadn’t had Jasmine Green Tea in a while. I have plenty of plain green tea at home, so she bought me the jasmine. It is very flavorful, but the jamine taste does not overpower the green. The flavor blends together just right after two minutes of steeping and there is no weird after taste like some green teas have.
Finally, I have here a picture of the lotion I’ve been using from Bath and Body Works. It is called Amber Blush.
It leaves my skin moisturized for hours and gives off a pleasant, clean, girly scent that could work as a perfume. Putting this on I don’t have to wonder if I should put perfume on, especially if I’m going out. I just can’t describe how wonderful the smell is. Click the link to the official page for Amber Blush below and read for yourself.

And there you have it! Thank you for reading! God Bless you!

Amber Blush
Jasmine Green Tea
Max Tea Tarikk
Pound Plus Chocolate
January Favorites
Trader Joe’s Haul

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To be honest, I’ve made excuses

Two summers ago I was beginning to see people for who they truly were. My eyes were opened to the fact that although some people claimed to be Christian, their words and behaviors did not back up their claims. Many were being lead by false teachers and therefore deceived (see Matthew 7:16-20).
It was a harsh reality because many of these people were very close to me. I even looked up to them. My final year of college kept me from seeing these people much after the summer. Now being home almost a year after college I feel as if my eyes are re-opening.

How could I be so careless back in December and take advice from them when they are clearly misled? I reaped the consequences of that decision to follow advice and have since kept from being too personal.
It’s hard when you look up to someone as a leader only to find they are not what you thought they were. Something I wrote that summer came to mind recently and I thought I would share it again. I will set up a link below.

I love these people so much, but I hate the things they believe in: false facts about the gospel, misguided views on subject matters, thoughts on topics in the Bible taken completely out of context, etc.

I’m not saying that I am always right, but I know I am truly in the faith because I do my best to follow Christ and not make excuses for my behaviors. When I sin, I own up to it, not cover up.

I’m so tired of seeing people I love here in Los Angeles being deceived by the glamour of Hollywood and show business and denying Christ despite claiming to love Him prior to fame and fortune.

It is time for me to stand up for what I believe in and be truthful with people. I don’t want to see anymore people deceived by false teachings.

Brothers and sisters in the faith, will you pray with me?

Letter to the Former
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I’m 26…and I wear a purity ring

You may have heard stories of young Christian girls between the ages of 13 and 16 being given purity rings by their parents to be worn so that their inward convictions on abstinence would be seen outwardly. Or they purchased a ring on their own in high school. The ring is to be worn everyday to remind themselves when they look at it that they are waiting for the one God has for them and will not have sex until they are married.

I didn’t get a ring as a teenager because I didn’t grow up in a Christian home. I got saved in high school, but the idea of getting a purity ring just seemed cheesy to me.
It wasn’t really until around 2012 that I started wearing one. I switched between different rings as each became loose or rusty.
This is the one I currently wear.


I wear one of course as an outward sign of my inward convictions on abstinence and devotion to God by being pure, but there is also another reason why I wear it and why it is worn on my ring finger.
When I get engaged someday, Lord willing, I hope to look into the eyes of my fiancée and smile as I remove the ring from my finger and place it in his hand. He can then put the engagement ring in its place. My purity ring will now be his to keep as a token of my thanks to him for waiting for me and a way for me to symbolically tell him I waited for him too.
Most unwed women in their 20s stop wearing their rings, but I intend to wear one for as long as I feel I should. I don’t know what God will do with me and if or when I will get married, but I do know whatever happens will be the best thing for me.
God Bless you guys!

Thank you for reading!

My ring

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Allergy Season!

At a recent visit to the doctor (for my aunt, not for me) I found out that allergies actually start kicking in in February.
I always thought that allergy season was a month or two later when it started to get warmer. It always seemed strange that I would start to have watery eyes and get into sneezing and coughing fits early in the spring semester both in high school and college even when it was raining.
I’ve got my allergy meds ready, but I also think it is wise to take care of myself and manage my allergies in other ways. Below I will link an article I found that I think would help if you or someone you know is dealing with allergies.
Take care of yourselves, everyone!

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Nail Polish


How I make a cuppa

I love a good cup of tea. Always have. Making the perfect cup hasn’t always been the easiest thing though. Sometimes there would be too much milk. Other times I didn’t keep the tea bag in long enough and hardly tasted anything. Other times I felt I was drinking a cup of melted candy because the sugar made the tea too sweet. I recently bought a box of black tea and have been following the instructions on the box to make my tea. I must say…every cup I have made since the first has been excellent.
It’s very much to my liking. A warm, flavorful cup every time.
Here is how I do it.

I let the tea bag sit for three minutes
I remove the bag
Add a dash of almond milk vanilla
No sugar needed

I made the mistake of letting the bad sit for 5 minutes the first time. It made for bitter tea and gave me a headache.


Snoopy mug and coaster set available here
The London Cuppa- I found a place to buy it online! (Here). I mentioned this product in my January Favorites post. At that time I didn’t know where I could find it because I got the box from HomeGoods and they didn’t have anymore.
How I enjoy my Cuppa:

Reading my Bible and praying
Watching Call the Midwife (it’s a British show…makes me want tea more. Hardly ever watch it without a Cuppa!
Updating my tumblr

Thanks for reading! If you like tea leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite kind is and how you make it! I am open to trying new tea!

God Bless

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Call the Midwife
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The Backstreet Boys movie: Reaction

Being in grade school in the late 90s and being fairly new to the country introduced me to a lot of new things. I started eating more “American food” and watched American movies and listened to American music. One pop group that really played a role in my upbringing: the Backstreet Boys.

The all-American boy band from Orlando, Florida harmonized their way into my heart as well as my sisters and childhood best friend. My first concert was my senior year of college- Backstreet Boys in Irvine, California for the 20 year anniversary tour. My mom bought me tickets to their Inglewood, California show in May as a graduation present. I’ve seen them twice and I still want to see them again! This tour I went to and the album it promoted in 2013 are the basis around the documentary released on iTunes and select theaters which show the story behind the band. Betrayal, tragedy, trials and triumphs are all explored in this in depth documentary.
It was kind of weird to me to hear some of them curse, but I understand they are men now. I don’t condone it.
It was hard to watch them cry. To hear them talk about being betrayed by management and

It was hard to hear exactly what happened when Kevin scolded AJ for his drug and alcohol problem back in the group’s heyday. It was hard to watch the two closest friends of the group, Nick and Brian argue at a meeting concerning Brian’s vocal problems.
All that to say, the movie made me love the group even more and appreciate them for being real with their fans through this documentary. I was happy (and giddy) to see video clips of their younger days starting out as a group. Some of those clips I remember seeing on TV as a kid.
This group means so much to me. Their songs spoke to my growing mind about love, friendship, and giving back to people who have helped me get back to where I am just like they did and continue to do. They love their fans. We love them back. I never stopped being a fan.
I’d say “Backstreet’s Back” but they never left. They’ve been working hard for over twenty years now and they are not going to stop anytime soon.



God Bless you guys! Thank you for reading!

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It’s a Girl’s World Makeup Routine 2

Hey all! This is my updated and most current makeup routine! I will link the first routine below.


I first start out with Napoleon Perdis Calming Pre-Foundation Primer!

It helps with some redness and blemishes I get occasionally. I only really use it when I have these issues.

I then use a thin layer of Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation in 330.
I’ve always had trouble finding foundation in my shade and the last one I had was expensive and didn’t last. This is a much better and more affordable brand with great coverage.

I’ve stuck with Maybelline Great Lash mascara for years, but always had other brands in hand just to try them out. I love Great Lash, but didn’t like that I would always have to check my bottoms lashes for smudge. Depending on my activity level and the weather I ended up looking like a raccoon a few hours after application. Still, I stick with it because I loved how easy it was to use. I tried Makeup Forever’s Smoky Extravagant and liked how it would give me an instantly wide-eyed look. Only problem is it looked too obvious I was wearing mascara. Not subtle at all. I wanted to look naturally wide-eyed without smudges later in the day to reveal the truth that I was wearing mascara. Great Lash’s new Real Impact mascara does all of that! I’m back to my old brand but in a new way!
Next, eyebrows. The twofaced brownie brow pencil is a great color and makes my brows look filled in and groomed. The added spoolie is easy to use. I got my pencil at a good deal from Nordstrom Rack. It’s a great product…but I’m still a much bigger fan of using eyeshadow to fill my brows rather than pencil simply because it takes less time. Filling with a pencil takes much longer and sometimes I just don’t have a lot of time. If you like pencil, I would recommend it, but I will probably go back to eyeshadow after my pencil has run out.
Lastly, I use just a bit of blush on my cheeks in what is perhaps the best color I have ever used! Maybelline’s Fit Me Blush in Deep Wine gives me a great glowing finish that brings my whole look together!

This picture isn’t the best. It didn’t get the best editing job on my part either, but it’s of me wearing all the makeup I just mentioned.


Hope you enjoyed this post! Have a beautiful, blessed day!

Former Makeup Routine

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